Huai'an invested 3.217 billion yuan for water conservancy in 2018
2019-02-19 13:48:00


Huai'an City completed an investment of 3.217 billion yuan for water conservancy projects in 2018, maintaining a high level of support for eight consecutive years.

The city has reinforced the flood control facilities. It successfully finished renovations at the dyke of Hongze Lake and waterway of Huaihe River, began to relocate residents away from the riffle area of the river’s tributary, and also made smooth progress in improving safety at 19 small reservoirs, such as the Caigang Reservoir in Xuyi County. Renovation plans for five small rivers, which affect water conservancy efforts, also were approved.

Huai’an also made strides in improving people's livelihood through water conservancy projects. The city invested over 1 billion yuan for agricultural irrigation projects and also launched programs to save water at irrigation areas and improve the effective use of water for farming. The newly renovated water supply pipeline network in rural areas reached 2,534 kilometers, which can benefit 569,700 people more.

Furthermore, the city has achieved ecological progress too. It promoted the dredging of 10 rivers in the main urban areas, such as Suzhou River and Yuejin River, and improved the landscape. A major breakthrough was also made in the ecological restoration in the upper reaches of Baima Lake. Editor:Dylan
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